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Free Tools To Keep Business Alive.


While talking with a number of you, it's become clear that ALL industries have been impact

ed by the recent global condition. I wanted to reach out and help where I can by sharing a few free tools that may help you proceed with business while we wait for the storm to pass. 


Access From Home. If you need to work from home yet access your computer at the work place, there are a number of remote desktop programs available such as Teamviewer that offers a free version. Simply select "personal" use. Visit Site

Remote Meetings. Zoom is a great platform that allows users to run video conference calls, including screen sharing so you can keep your team connected from a far. Visit Site

Collaboration. If you need to collaborate on documents or files with a team, then I recommend using Google Docs and Sheets. It's free to anyone with a Gmail account, compatible with Word and Excel files and allows real time edits from multiple users. Visit Site

eCommerce. Now might be a good time to introduce an online store. You can save on development costs by creating a modern website by simply dragging items on the page with either or eCommerce sites may have additional fees, if that's not an option at the moment, perhaps offer call-to-order or email-to-order services for the mean time.

Stay in Touch. If you're looking to keep your customers informed on the status of business, an email list and campaign might be a good idea. You can import, organize your email contacts and send emails to everyone using Mailchimp. Visit Site

Each of you will have unique challenges so feel free to reach out to me with any hurdles you may have and I will likely know of a tool for the job. If you know anyone who might benefit from this tool kit, you're more than welcome to share it with them. Stay safe everyone!

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